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TacFire .308 AR Lower Parts Kit With Black Grip LPK02B-308



Established in 2010,TacFire offers an extensive line of sporting good products ranging from riflescopes, red dots, flashlights, Iron sights, Mounts and much more accessories. They serve the needs of their consumers by offering their wide variety of accessories for many different firearm platforms.

TacFire’s Lower Parts Kit
One TacFire PGAR-B Pistol Grip (BLACK)
One Pistol Grip Screw
One Pistol Grip Lock Washer
One Trigger (USA MADE)
One Trigger Pin
One Trigger Spring
One) Trigger Guard (Angled)
One Hammer (USA MADE)
One Hammer Spring
One Hammer Pin
One Bolt Catch Roll Pin
One Bolt Catch Spring
One Detent Spring
One Bolt Catch Buffer
One Take Down Detent
One Bolt Catch
One Magazine Catch Spring
One Magazine Catch Button
One Magazine Catch
One Front Pivot Pin
One Detent Selector
One Take Down Pin
One Buffer Retainer Pin
One Buffer Retainer Spring
One Disconnector Spring
One Disconnector
One Selector
One Selector Spring

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: LPK02B-308
Weight: 8.7 oz.
Kit Length: 4″
Kit Width: 3″


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