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Rubber City Armory AR-10 Bolt Carrier Assembly – Nitride



In building or upgrading an AR platform rifle, the bolt is, in many ways, the heart of the rifle. A quality bolt is part of what will make a rifle reliable, so it makes sense that the bolt and its carrier are one of those parts that precision manufacturing has really helped make into a part that can last for high round counts. If you’re looking to upgrade the internals of your AR, consider the Rubber City Armory 308 Winchester Bolt Carrier Assembly with Forward Assist Serrations.

  • Black nitride Enhanced Finished
  • AR-10 platform
  • Forward Assist Serrations
  • No bolt or firing pin

These, by Rubber City Armory, are seriously nice bolts. Made from hardened steel, these are sure to last basically as long as you care to keep it in the rifle. Additionally, the manufacturer has treated them with a proprietary surface treatment to make sure that they’re going to last for a very, very long time. The bolt face itself is of similarly high quality so that you can make use of it with high pressure ammunition. This would be a fantastic fit for several kinds of users, but in particular it would make sense for a competition gun in which you’d expect a very high round count, or for precision shooters. This is basically for folks who are building an AR. Finding the right parts for a quality build can take time, but this bolt will go a long way to ensuring a quality rifle when you’re done. Additionally, this carrier is cut for a forward assist. The Rubber City Armory AR-10 Bolt Carrier Assembly with Forward Assist Serrations is a great bolt carrier for building a reliable and durable AR-10.

Rubber City Armory: Being shooters ourselves we saw the need for a better surface treatment than what was currently being offered on AR-15 and other firearm parts. This translated into making bolt carrier groups of our own choice, with our premium surface treatment, setting us apart from the rest. This has led us to further innovate into lightweight designs, making use of the latest technology, and surface treatments available.

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BrandRubber City Armory
Carrier FinishSalt Bath Nitride
Carrier Material8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier StyleDPMS Pattern Carrier
Gas KeyStaked


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