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Luth-AR .308 AR Builders Kit Lower Receiver Parts Kit Matte Black



Luth-AR is the name to trust when it comes to purchasing high quality parts and accessories for your AR platform firearms. Using high quality parts is the best way to reduce frustration when trying to build and complete your AR style lower receivers.

Specifications and Features:
Luth-AR .308 AR Builders Lower Receiver Parts Kit LRPK-BLDR-308
.308 AR Compatible
Builders Lower Receiver Parts Kit
Matte Black Finish

LLR-01 Buffer Retainer 1-ea.
LLR-02 Buffer Retainer Spring 1-ea.
LLR-08 Selector/Safety 1-ea.
LLR-09 Bolt Catch Spring 1-ea.
LLR-10 Bolt Catch Buffer (Plunger) 1-ea.
308-LR-11 Bolt Catch 1-ea.
308-LR-12 Bolt Catch Screw 1-ea.
LLR-13 Magazine catch 1-ea.
LLR-14 Detent Spring 2-ea.
LLR-15 Takedown Detent 2-ea.
LLR-16 Mag Catch/Buttstock Plunger Spring 1-ea.
LLR-17 Magazine Catch Button, Aluminum 1-ea.
308-LR-18 Front Pivot Pin 1-ea.
LLR-26 Selector/Ejector Spring 1-ea.
LLR-27 Detent (Selector) 1-ea.
LLR-28 Hammer/Trigger pin 2-ea.
308-LR-30 Pin, Rear Takedown 1-ea.


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